Blade LSZ LED IK07 IP23

An industrial LED luminaire

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An industrial LED luminaire, IP23 rated, with corrosion resistant galvanized steel body and various optics for precise light control
Light source: LED, included
Optics: 30x90º, 60x100º, 90x100º, asymmetric and double asymmetric light beam
Light distribution type: direct
Body and endcaps: galvanized steel sheet, corrosion-proof, light grey colour
Ingress protection code: IP23
Mechanical impact resistance: IK07
Mains voltage: 220-240V 0/50-60Hz
Power factor: >0,95
Protection class IEC: I
Operating temperature range, °C: 0…+40 °C (from 0 °C with EMG/EM3)
Surface luminaire is designed to be fixed to ceiling of any type. Cable entry is accessible from the rear though a Ø19mm hole located in the centre of the body or by side entry via Ø19mm holes at either end. Terminal, 5x2x2.5mm2 (5TB)
Indoor. For use in most industrial and many commercial applications.
Name Dimensions, mm Lifetime, h Output, lm Power, W Efficacy, lm/W CRI (Ra) CCT (K) Weight, kg
Blade LSZ LED1x3800 D700 T840 LS90x100 1240x96x73 100000 3785 24.3 156 80+ 4000 3.40
Blade LSZ LED1x5150 D701 T840 LS90x100 1240x96x73 100000 5148 33.9 152 80+ 4000 3.40
Blade LSZ LED1x7050 D702 T840 LS90x100 1240x96x73 75000 7020 50.5 139 80+ 4000 3.40
Blade LSZ LED1x8850 D703 T840 LS90x100 1240x96x73 75000 8808 61.4 143 80+ 4000 3.40
Blade LSZ LED1x4750 D704 T840 LS90x100 1530x96x73 100000 4731 30.3 156 80+ 4000 4.00
Blade LSZ LED1x6450 D705 T840 LS90x100 1530x96x73 100000 6435 42.3 152 80+ 4000 4.00
Blade LSZ LED1x8800 D706 T840 LS90x100 1530x96x73 75000 8775 63.2 139 80+ 4000 4.00
Blade LSZ LED1x11050 D707 T840 LS90x100 1530x96x73 75000 11010 75.9 145 80+ 4000 4.00


Options available on request:
SDIM- Switch-control/dimming
DALI- DALI driver
LS30x90- Optics with 30×90° beam angle
LS60x100-Optics with 60×100° beam angle
LS1A18- Optics with asymmetric beam
LS2A40- Optics with double asymmetric beam
EMG –Emergency version 1 hour
EM3 – Emergency version 3 hour
HBPIR7m – Integrated PIR sensor for high ceiling (up to 7 meters) with on-off control
HBPIR12m – Integrated PIR sensor for high ceiling (up to 12 meters) with on-off control
HBPIR15m – Integrated PIR sensor for high ceiling (up to 15 meters) with on-off control
RAL  – RAL color
T830 – Colour temperature 3000K, CRI 80+

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