Ara R LED IP20

LED Emergency Escape Lighting

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Recessed LED emergency lighting luminaire for both mains and emergency operations. One or three hours standby operation with a recharge time of 12 hours. Ambient temperature: 0°C to +40°C.
White polycarbonate body with LED status indicator. Power LED 1W, 3W or 6W diode. IP20. Two types of optics: LER (Optics for escape route) or LOA (Optics for open areas) High-temperature nickel-metal hydride battery. Luminaire is plastic-wrapped and boxed individually.
Designed to be recessed mounted into plasterboard ceiling or surface mounted.
For emergency escape routes and open areas.
Name Dimensions, mm Power, W Illumination modes Operating time, h Output, lm Weight, kg
Ara R 1HLED C364 LOA Ø100(80)x37 1 Non-maintained 1 118 0.60
Ara R 3HLED C365 LOA Ø100(80)x37 1 Non-maintained 3 118 0.65
Ara R 1PLED C366 LOA Ø100(80)x37 1 Maintained 1 118 0.60
Ara R 3PLED C367 LOA Ø100(80)x37 1 Maintained 3 118 0.65
Ara R 1HLED C369 LOA Ø100(80)x37 3 Non-maintained 1 285 0.65
Ara R 3HLED C370 LOA Ø100(80)x37 3 Non-maintained 3 285 0.65
Ara R 1PLED C371 LOA Ø100(80)x37 3 Maintained 1 285 0.65
Ara R 3PLED C372 LOA Ø100(80)x37 3 Maintained 3 285 0.65
Ara R 1HLED C374 LOA Ø100(80)x37 6 Non-maintained 1 616 0.75
Ara R 3HLED C375 LOA Ø100(80)x37 6 Non-maintained 3 616 1.10
Ara R 1PLED C376 LOA Ø100(80)x37 6 Maintained 1 616 0.75
Ara R 3PLED C377 LOA Ø100(80)x37 6 Maintained 3 616 1.10


Options available on request:
AUT- The fitting is equipped with an autonomous testing system
CEB- The fitting is equipped with electronic AC/DC ballast compatible with any central battery system
EMS- The emergency monitoring system
LER- Optics for escape route

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